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the right to not be screamed at in public for looking gay
the right to not be threatened with rape by strangers for looking gay
the right to not have my sexual orientation used as an insult
the right to know my doctor will provide me with care and actually have information about concerns relevant to me
the right to keep my job
the right to be housed
the right to have my friends be comfortable with me
the right to not have to constantly explain myself, including how I have sex and what my Kinsey score is
the right to be believed about my orientation and identity, without other people telling me they know "what it really is"
the right not to have to assess every situation in terms of whether I'm safe to be myself or if this is the time I'm going to get hurt or killed
the right to ask out people I am interested in without weighing whether revealing my interest will get me ostracized or hurt
the right to have straight-privileged people not treat me like my sexuality is a fetish activity for them
the right to be less controversial in a tv show or movie than genocide

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